CleanTech Innovations

Power Generation From Ocean Waves

Involves utilizing floating mechanisms to convert the rhythmic motion of waves into electrical energy. According to the US Energy Information Administration, the potential of wave energy is substantial, capable of meeting approximately 66% of the total energy requirements in the United States.

Direct Air Capture (DAC)

Employs chemical reactions to extract CO2 directly from the atmosphere. Powered by renewable energy, DAC facilities sequester CO2 or use it in a valorization system to create e-fuels.

Biodegradable plastic

A non-toxic polymer or resin designed to naturally break down over a reasonable period when exposed to air or water. Due to its negative carbon footprint, it can be blended with traditional resins to form carbon-neutral plastic resin alloys.

Cement/concrete innovations that minimize CO2 -

A cutting edge reformulation of cement that cuts the carbon footprint and permanently captures CO2 during curing

Proprietary high-growth Tree species

Non-invasive high growth species uniquely suited for carbon sequestration, biomass energy, biochar (waste portion, when grown for other purposes), dimensional timber, etc.