Carbon Offset Management

Proprietary SaaS Management System

Our Proprietary data management system has been developed and refined over a 22-year period to manage the entire carbon accounting process from inception to offset retirement. It is a uniquely capable, purpose-built data and analytics system designed to handle any kind of carbon accounting task or data type, whether it’s a carbon-mitigation project, corporate ESG determination, or complex calculation.

Carbon Project Opportunity Assessments

Carbon Project Opportunity Assessments
World Class Data management system to track carbon offset
lifecycle from inception to final disposition
Data Dashboards (real-time status)
Data QA/QC (wide range of capabilities)
Feasibility Confirmation

Inventory Development

Carbon Offset Modeling
Project Design and Documentation
Third Party Verification Planning
Project Registration
Carbon Offset Marketing and Sales
Ongoing Carbon Project Support
Facilitation of Third Party Verifier Review of Data

Our End-to-End Solution Results in:

Higher-Quality Offsets

Faster Time-to-Market (Higher ROI)

Increased Integrity

Enhanced Transparency & Standardization

Reduced Staffing Requirements

Our system is unique in that users can enter new protocols, data relationships, or equations ‘on the fly’ and develop customized reports (including customized ‘dashboards’) responsive to different display devices. It is the perfect backend complement to any company’s carbon data management needs.

Our SaaS enterprise platform manages all types of carbon offset projects and data types, with built-in:


With SaaS hosting, real-time, dedicated & shared data management


For any new carbon registry protocol, with support for numerous protocols and built-in QA/QC tools


Ability to quickly implement new registry protocols


For a wide range of automated sensor suites and external industry inventory tools

Fraud Safeguards

By issuing a unique credit identifier which tracks the credit through its entire life cycle, from issuance to retirement

Seamless Integration

Of market apps and carbon exchanges, with globalized language/measurement support

Encrypted Security Systems
Device-agnostic Design