Clean Earth Innovations’ network encourages a collaborative exchange of talents and resources. Leveraging our collective expertise, we address urgent global challenges and create innovative solutions that contribute to a more sustainable world.

Clean Earth Innovation Ecosystem

First Nations Communities

Clean Earth Innovations LLC., a US-based clean energy company, in collaboration with Indigi-Green Development Corp., a First Nation owned and Canadian based partner, strives to engage Indigenous Nations worldwide to form partnerships in clean energy projects to create economic development opportunities and generate self-sustaining wealth for Indigenous Nations on their traditional territories.

EBTI is a pioneering company at the forefront of Agriculture, Horticulture, and Green Energy Biofuel Technologies. Established in 2001, EBTI specializes in diverse areas such as Agri-Horti, Robotics for Hi-tech-Agri, and Algae Farming. Through a fusion of Natural Science and Innovative Technologies, EBTI has achieved remarkable success in Life Science Research and Development, particularly in Agronomy, Genetics, Biotechnology, and Microbiology. Their International Research and Development Centre (IRDC) focuses on advancing technologies for Energy/Biofuel production using non-edible feedstocks like Jatropha, Microalgae, and Biomass. EBTI’s team of 36 eminent scientists and experts has been instrumental in transforming industries such as Coconut and Biomass into highly profitable ventures through their expertise in intercropping and the development of high-yield, disease-resistant crop strains. Additionally, EBTI is a global leader in research on non-edible feedstocks for Bioenergy, contributing to the development of new crop varieties, biofertilizers, and biocontrol agents, thus significantly impacting agriculture, horticulture, and green energy industries. Recent Net Zero project achievement include Coconut, Rice and Mangrove based carbon projects, the conversion of biomass to Green Hydrogen, and the utilization of Green Methanol with animal feed as Methane free feed stock.